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The Inspiration

John K Anderson - Writer

I first heard Susannah B’s music in a small, crowded jazz club in Hollywood. Her sultry voice and wistful lyrics transported me to a lonely barroom, where I found myself bathed in the opium-den-like company of other lost souls, longing to escape.

My wife, director Drew Ann Rosenberg and I have experienced the pain of the opioid crisis firsthand as friends struggled with addiction or died from overdoses. The loss of these vibrant, talented people was tragic and senseless. Could we have done something to give them a ray of hope and shown them how much they had to live for?

Life can change in an instant and often-times when you least expect it. My wife discovered this simply by spitting into a DNA collection test tube, where she found new family members and made a deep, meaningful connection.

Using these themes, I wanted to craft a modern Greek tragedy, centered on a world where Susannah’s lyrics guided us through the darkness of my imagined inner-city club and while tragic and filled with regret, always holding that spark of hope that comes with the belief that ‘things may get better if you just hold out a moment longer.’